About: CoMotion Technologies

CoMotion Technologies takes your company back to the basics.

CoMotion Technologies is a leading manufacturer of cost effective, durable mobile computer carts. We have carefully designed each cart to optimize productivity in the health care industry. CoMotion Technologies strives to provide products that are:

  • Effortless and safe – Everything included on the cart is within the perimeter of the main head assembly. Because each cart is streamlined, there are no protruding parts that could potentially be broken off or get caught on clothing or wires of critical equipment. Each cart is extremely easy to clean due to the smooth, hard surfaces.
  • Environment friendly- Each cart is made of durable, recyclable aluminum.
  • Economical – Our carts are inexpensive to purchase and own because they are so durable. The consumer is rewarded with a cart that could easily last through 2 refresh cycles
  • Easily customized: CoMotion Technologies has three basic models to choose from: the CoMotion 1, the LapMotion 1, and the LapMotion 2. Each cart is easily customized to meet the customer’s needs.
  • Made in the USA: CoMotion mobile computer carts are made in the USA, which reduces shipping costs, production costs, and allows the consumer to support quality locally made items.

We work closely with our clients from the earliest stages of planning through the implementation and installation of the cart in your facility. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

Browse our line of versatile mobile workstation solutions and contact us today to discuss how we can keep your computers in motion!